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Mini-Apps for efficient working.

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With the mini tools weblabXtools by Bartelt, we have set ourselves the goal of simplifying your daily work in the laboratory. Time-consuming calculations of dilution series, the determination of the centrifugation values RCF or RPM or the management of laboratory samples through professionally designed barcode labels will no longer keep you from your important activities in the laboratory.


All weblabXtools at a glance

weblab_tools_X_solution_dilition_Verdünnungsrechner Laborsoftware Bartelt

Calculate dilutions …

Determine mixing ratios of two substances online!



weblab_tools_X_centrifugation_values_Zentrifugalrechner Laborsoftware Bartelt

Determining centrifugation values …

Calculate RZB/RCF and RPM!



weblab_tools_X_centrifugation_values_Zentrifugalrechner Laborsoftware Bartelt

Calculate dilution series …

SSerial or parallel dilutions can be easily determined!


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