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Determine the mixing ratios of two substances online with the dilition calculator

During the dilution of a solution, a substance (stock solution) is diluted in a carrier medium. The carrier medium is often alcohol, water or other solvents. The concentration of a stock solution (starting substance) can be specifically reduced by dilution (also referred to as the rule of the cross) in order to produce a solution with a specific target concentration.

Thus, it provides a practical method to calculate the concentration ratios of the two components for the mixture. (Mixing ratio)

The volume or mass ratio of the solvent and the starting substance is also referred to as the degree of dilution. The calculations with the rule of the cross basically works with material quantities or masses. If you need to calculate with volume, the volumes must be converted into masses using densities.

Tip: Enter the corresponding density values in the dilution calculator to get the result in masses and volumes.


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