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POCT – Point of Care Testing

Our software module datalabXpoct integrates point of care testing into the process of obtaining laboratory results. Thus, POCT results can be viewed and presented in the same way as laboratory results. It is important to distinguish here between laboratory and POCT results.

Fast results for rapid decisions

Point of Care Testing is of great importance if time is of the essence and quick decisions have to be taken. Therefore, POCT is primarily used in intensive care units, for anaesthesia, in outpatient clinics and in dialysis.

Usually, this involves so-called emergency parameters, such as electrolytes, blood gas and blood coagulation values, renal function values, cardiac enzymes and other measurements.

However, urine tests, blood counts or rapid detection of pathogens are also possible with Point of Care Testing.

Optimal support for mobile equipment

Mobile measurement devices, such as blood glucose meters are perfectly supported by datalabXpoct.

Quality control

Using datalabXpoct  all the options are available for closely monitoring the equipment, for detecting malfunctions immediately and for meeting quality standards such as RILIBÄK.



What datalabXpoct delivers at a glance:

  • Integration of devices from any manufacturers
  • No separate patient interface to HIS is necessary (patients are transferred directly from datalabX®)
  • No separate database is needed (the system uses datalabX®)
  • POCT devices can be loaded with patient, operator, reagent and  control material data
  • Central easily visible quality control (including Rilibäk)
  • Support for the POCT1A standard
  • Automatic transfer of patient readings to the routine findings (flagging as a POCT result optional)
  • Stand-alone operation possible (using datalabX® with restricted functionality in the background)
  • Devices with a POCT1A standard can be directly connected (without AIM – LGServer)
  • Laboratory devices connected via AIM (serial interface) can also be operated as POCT instruments (mixed mode)
  • Laboratory devices can be operated as routine and/or POCT instruments (automatic time switching to day / night operation)
  • Mixed operation with vendor-specific software solution possible (Radiance, IT1000, etc.)
  • Manual classification of measurements, with or without incorrect patient identification  with the web-based POCT Assistant

datalabX POCT Assistant

With datalabXpoct Assistant, a web application based on Web 2.0 technology, the acquired measurement results can also be assigned  without a case/record number.

If it is possible to scan in the case/record number to a POCT device, this intermediate step can be skipped.


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