Our Mission Statement

Bartelt is…

… an independent company. The continued existence and development of our company and fair and open relations with our customers create balance and realistic pricing on the market.

Stable, long-term and sustainable partnerships provide security to our employees and their families, as well as to our customers and suppliers.

We are aware of our social responsibility and attach great importance to sustainable strategies and concepts. Our values include stability and perseverance.

Flexibility is our hallmark. We are smaller, more agile and more customer-focused. Our customers and suppliers benefit directly from that.

Transparency towards our staff and business partners and on the market itself establishes trust and reliability for our customers, suppliers and employees.


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Definition: to rely on sb.; to consider sb. reliable.

All our relationships, in both the business and private spheres, are built on trust. We are guided by the needs of our customers and business partners and place particular emphasis on personal and trust-based costumer retention.

Trust in the team: We take interest in our colleagues and get to know one another better, enabling us to work more smoothly together. Reliable and respectful cooperation creates a collective, team-based trusting work environment that is characterized by tolerance, acceptance and harmony as the basis for successful cooperation.


We take a fair and collegial approach both towards our staff and our business partners. We treat one another respectfully and positively. We stand out for our fair and honest approach to our business partners.

A healthy feedback culture ensures caring and friendly interactions and allows for

… team spirit and creativity

We set ourselves goals and achieve them together. We listen to new, innovative ideas and each other while working in expert groups. We are receptive to new suggestions and ideas. We are open to new things. We develop new solutions as a team and pull together to implement them.

Creativity is encouraged by a fair and respectful approach to discussion that allows for different views and opinions.


Our daily work is always geared to the wishes and requirements of our customers. Systematic decision-making creates clarity and transparency both within the company and in relation to customers and suppliers.

We work together to develop the company’s identity on a daily basis. We work for our common future!

Social responsibility

We take social responsibility towards ourselves and our colleagues. Our daily work is guided by the principles of trust, responsibility, compassion and solidarity. The Bartelt community should be visible and perceptible to the outside world.

We are committed to training the younger generation and place great importance on developing the skills of the young people that work for us and assisting them, irrespective of their origin. 


We work continuously and systematically on the implementation of our goals in order to achieve our vision. Our work is always driven by our goals. We never lose sight of our vision.

The experience we have gained is incorporated into our daily work. Our curiosity, interest and thirst for knowledge are unquenchable. Each individual employee is a puzzle piece that forms part of the finished picture and strives to be an expert in his/her field. We support one another, pull together and work continuously to implement our common vision!


We have character!

Our personal, direct and original approach towards our customers and suppliers is our hallmark as a long-standing family business and makes us the unique company that we are and strive to be!