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openlab_X_bella_Probenbeschriftung Etikettierung Laborsoftware Bartelt

Organize samples quickly, easily, and for free with the Bartelt Easy Lab Labelling Assistant


With openlabXbella – the Bartelt Easy Lab Labelling Assistant – you can optimise your entire sample management in the laboratory. label, register and organise samples with your own barcodes & number ranges. requirements – as a specialist for laboratory software we will find the right solution for you!

openlabXbella: Benefits at a glance

  • Individual: name of the sample series, date, time, counter: define your own numbers for your barcodes.

  • Fast: create barcodes with just one click

  • Simple: scan barcodes directly from screen, smartphone or other mobile gadget

  • Efficient: print barcode labels or export numbers as a file.

  • Integrable: scan barcodes to include laboratory samples in the existing laboratory information system.

  • Responsive: work is simplified through optimization for mobile devices.

openlabXbella - Probenbeschriftung Laborsoftware Bartelt All info + free demo

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