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openlabX laboratory information management software – a new perspective on a familiar topic!


With openlabX we deliberately provide a completely new approach to laboratory data processing. With our openlabX software concept, we are able to make available quickly and cost-effectively exactly those software services that you currently need in your laboratory environment.

openlabX is a framework (software tool) that we have developed with the help of which we can create individualized, powerful and easy-to-use web software solutions for your laboratory. openlabX is designed to react flexibly to changing requirements and avoids carrying any unnecessary ballast.


openlabXlims Laborinformationsmanagementsoftware Laborsoftware Bartelt

An individualized openlabX laboratory software should be used where it is necessary to manage and exchange information within your team and your environment. Together with you we create your own individual and future-proof solution to manage contacts, sample data, projects etc., to access data (CSV, Excel) and to create lists of any kind as well as reports with the help of the integrated reporting tool.


openlabXlims Laborinformationsmanagementsoftware Laborsoftware Bartelt


We use flexible design tools to precisely implement your layout specifications and thus optimally meet your requirements.


openlabXlims Laborinformationsmanagementsoftware Laborsoftware Bartelt

openlabX is not an isolated solution, but can be integrated into higher-level systems via standardized and secured interfaces and is also available for external authorized users.

The smart laboratory information management software does not tell you what the laboratory software has to be able to do, but you tell us what you really need. We see it as our task to implement this and that alone.


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Do you have any questions about openlabX or programming in the field of laboratory software? We look forward to your call or e-mail and will be happy to provide you with competent advice!

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