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Our new colleagues introduce themselves


Max ReiterlehnerFoto_Max_Reiterlehner2 

My name is Max Reiterlehner and I’ve been working for Bartelt as a Java programmer since 01.05.2014.

That brings me back to the field of IT. After first studying

computer science in the Department of Network Engineering at the Villach Higher Technical College, I went on to train as a chemistry laboratory technician.

I’m a big music fan. My music collection ranges from Vollbeat and ACDC to Beethoven and Tchaikovsky.

I’ve been playing classical piano for around 18 years. I somewhat regret the fact that I’ve never learned to play the violin or cello, but I still have time to make up for it.


Manuel FreisingerFoto_Manuel_Freisinger

My name is Manual Freisinger and I’ve been working for Bartelt in the field of IT support since 01.09.2014.

However, the work I’m currently performing is in a slightly different field because I’m mainly supporting the installation team at the moment.

The Bulme Higher Technical College in Graz-Gösting was the last stage in my formal education until now. I say until now, because I want to leave open the possibility of studying alongside my career.

I like to vary how I spend my free time. Sometimes I like spending a leisurely day fishing on the lake, while at other times I enjoy playing a game of darts, chess, billiards, table tennis, tennis or just spending a fun evening with friends.