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Ox laboratory data processing

Ox laboratory data processing – a new perspective on a familiar topic!

With Ox we are quite deliberately taking an entirely new solutions approach to the question of laboratory data processing. A design that is fundamentally different from all the other LIMS solutions available on the market.

With our Ox software design, we can quickly and cost-effectively provide you with the exact software services that you need right now in your laboratory environment.
Ox is a framework (a software tool) we have developed that allows us to create customized, powerful and easy-to-use web software solutions for your laboratory.
Ox is designed to respond flexibly to changing requirements and avoids any unnecessary overheads.

An individualized Ox laboratory software is what you need when it comes to managing and exchanging information within your team and your environment. 
Working with you, we create your individual and future-proof solution that manages contacts, sample data, projects etc., provides access to data sources (CSV, Excel) and creates lists of any kind and also reports using the integrated reporting tool.

We use flexible design tools to implement your layout specifications precisely, thus meeting your requirements to the maximum.

Ox does not work in a vacuum, rather it can be integrated using a standardized and secure interface to upstream systems and can also be made available to external authorized users.

We will not be telling you what the laboratory software can do, but rather you will be telling us what you really need. We see it as our task to implement this, and only this.


Do you have any questions about Ox or programming in the field of laboratory software?

We look forward to your call or your email and are happy to offer you our expert advice!


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