Mini apps for efficient work!

Labtools by Bartelt are designed to simplify your daily work in the laboratory. The time-consuming calculation of dilution series, calculation of RCF or RPM centrifugation values and the management of laboratory samples using professionally designed barcode labels will no longer keep you from your important laboratory activities.



Currently, the Labtools provide you with the following calculators and assistance programs:

Labtools by Bartelt:

  • Creation of barcode labels
  • Calculation of dilution series
  • Calculation of centrifugation values
  • Calculation of dilutions


Creation of barcodes online – with Bella!

Bella - Bartelt Easy Lab Labelling Assistant - Barcode-Etiketten erstellen

With Bella, the Bartelt Easy Lab Labelling Assistant, you can create, manage and print barcodes or numbers for your barcodes for your laboratory samples – simply, quickly and free of charge.

It has never been so simple to create your own labels!

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Calculation of dilution series online

Verdünnungsreihe online ermitteln - Labtools by barteltThis calculator allows you to easily determine serial (including continued/geometric) or parallel (including arithmetic) dilutions free of charge and without pages of calculations!


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Calculation of centrifugation values online

Zentrifugationswerte ermitteln - Labtools by barteltThis useful calculator computes for you the relative centrifugal force (RCF) or rotation speed (RPM) free of charge and in seconds!


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Calculation of dilutions online

Labtools, Verdünnungen online berechnen, Mischungskreuz ermitteln, Andreaskreuz, MischungsverhältnisThe free dilution calculator allows you to quickly determine the mixing ratios of two substances for production of a given target concentration. (Also known as the crossover rule or the Pearson square!)


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