The satisfaction of our customers is what drives us!

Thanks to many years of experience in the field of laboratory software, the Bartelt Software Development Department has extensive expertise in the field of LIMS and LIS software systems.

Over 30 satisfied customers have proven us right. Every day they motivate us to take new, unconventional, creative paths and develop customized software solutions.


Please see here for our references: 

Logo Krankenhaus Freistadt Referenz Laborsoftware




datalabX-LIS, datalabXdepot
Freistadt Federal State Hospital


Logo Krankenhaus Kirchdorf Referenz Laborsoftware







» datalabX-LIS, datalabXdepot
Kirchdorf Federal State Hospital


Logo Krankenhaus Steyr Referenz Laborsoftware






» datalabX-LIS, datalabXdepot
Steyr Federal State Hospital


Logo Krankenhaus Bad Ischl Gmunden Vöcklabruck Referenz Laborsoftware






» datalabX-LIS, datalabXdepot
Salzkammergut Clinical Centre



Logo Krankenhaus Rohrbach Referenzen Laborsoftware




 datalabX-LIS, datalabXdepot
Rohrbach Federal State Hospital


Logo Krankenhaus Schärding Referenzen Laborsoftware




» datalabX-LIS, datalabXdepot
Schärding Federal State Hospital



Logo AUVA (- UKH Graz, UKH Kalwang, UKH Klagenfurt, Lorenz-Böhlerkrankenhaus, UKH Linz, UKH Meidling, UKH Salzburg) Referenzen Laborsoftware





» datalabX-Laborinformationssystem
» datalabX-LIS, datalabXdepot, datalabXpoct 
Emergency Hospital Graz, Kalwang, Klagenfurt,
Vienna Lorenz-Böhler, Linz, VIenna Meidling, 

Logo St. Anna Kinderspital, Referenzen Laborsoftware

» datalabXdepot (Blutdepot Software)
St. Anna Children’s Hospital



Logo Uniqa, Referenzen Laborsoftware

» datalabX-Laborinformationssystem
UNIQA Health Service


Logo Bezirkskrankenhaus Kufstein, Referenzen, Laborsoftware







  » datalabX-LIS, datalabXdepot
(blood bank software)
Kufstein General Public District Hospital


Logo Krankenhaus der Elisabethinen Graz, Referenzen, Laborsoftware










» datalabX-Laborinformationssystem
Hospital of Elizabethan Nuns






» datalabX-LIS, datalabXdepot
(blood bank software)
Hospital of the Teutonic Order


New customers are added to this page on an ongoing basis. The list makes no claim to be exhaustive.