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Efficiency and safety in transfusion medicine

The blood bank software datalabXdepot can be used as a stand-alone module or as an integrated module in datalabX for management and administration of a blood bank.

Using datalabXdepot you can organize and control the whole medical transfusion process securely and in compliance with the relevant regulations. In this way, you can be sure of having all relevant processes under control at all times.



datalabXdepot features

  • Documentation of the cooling chain during delivery
  • Seamless inventory history
  • Managing multiple storage locations
  • Multiple intersections
  • Regulatory framework for blood groups / stocks
  • Simple configuration through master data
  • ISBT 128 Support
  • Opportunity for detecting all laboratory parameters implemented
  • Interfaces to other systems (LIS, HIS, blood bank) and laboratory equipment
  • electronic delivery note
  • datalabXdepot, like datalabX is the result of a very close collaboration with experts from the field of medical transfusions
  • Access to administrative and medical patient data from the HIS
  • Entry of patient data in emergency situations in the laboratory
  • Merging patients registered multiple times
  • Reservation of stocks by patient
  • Overview of all transfused stocks by patient
  • Transfusion documentation per patient

Blood bank management

Under the menu item “Blood Bank Management”, the system offers all the relevant data, such as the product origin, product type, storage management, availability, version, return delivery and destruction of stocks.


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