E-commerce solutions from Bartelt


Bartelt offers you easy-to-use-commerce solutions for your purchases. Whether you need electronic catalogues or connection to your ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning) – we work with all the common formats such as BMEcat, the standard exchange format for catalogue data, as well as eCl@ss, the cross-sector product data standard for classification and description of products and services.

Our aim is to make electronic commerce as simple and effective as possible, so that you can order from your familiar working environment without spending a lot of time, and following your normal work-flows.

Direct access to the products from your ERP system can be also provided upon request.

Your benefits from an e-commerce solution at a glance:

  • You can see your personal prices at a glance – your discount has already been deducted.
  • You can define specific approval work-flows.
  • You or your end users can access only those products defined in the framework contract, and order in a familiar working environment.

Bartelt offers you convenient e-commerce solutions for your purchase. Whether electronic catalogs or connection to your ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning) – we work with all common formats.


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to to contact Mr. Andreas Wiesner(Tel.: +43 (0)316/47 53 28-107)